Williams Quest

William has set off on the Great Crusade to free the Holy City but he soon learns that things outside his fathers house are not as easy as he thought they would be. From bandits to corrupt officials danger lurks around each turn as he and Bernard struggle to reach the capitol and enlist in the crusade.

The Crusaders have landed on the vast shores of the continent of Europa. Soon a horrible plot is uncovered that threatens the entire crusade and it falls to William and his friends to stop it. Is the crusade doomed to fail or will it continue on its path to the Holy City?

The Crusade is close to its goal but as the army embarks on the ships to complete the last part of its journey a great storm arises. The ship William is on is lost and he is shipwrecked on a strange shore. It is now up to William to decide if he will bow to the Saviors will try to continue on his path.

The Prodigal Son is an epic story written for young readers about a boy named William. Each book is easy to read and teaches Godly principles. Follow William as he grows up, faces off against a mysterious villain named Scar Face, and demands his inheritance.

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