An Epic Fantasy Adventure set in a world all its own. Written for Teens and Adults, come discover a new world.

Nathel and his grandfather have lived a peaceful life away from the dangers of the outside world for years. When they are attacked by a pack of wolves dedicated to the Dark One they must set off on an epic quest. A quest that will turn Nathel into a man and reveal secrets that have long been hidden from him.

The Last battle begins as Nathel and Katirna are trap far away. As the Low Lands are ravaged by war Nathel struggles to find an escape and return to aid in the battles. Will they royal couple return in time and once again be able to rally their forces? Read the epic conclusion to the Elemental War and find out for yourself.

Three years have gone by since Nathel drove off the forces of the Dark One and emerged victorious on the slopes of Skull Mount. He and Katirna have ruled in peace for that time, however dark forces are once again approaching. Once again King Nathel and Queen Katirna must step forward and try to thwart the forces of evil. This time it may cost them their marriage and their lives.