The World is engulfed in War and only Nyt and the others have a chance of stopping it. As massive armies clash all around them Nyt, Lord Parthian, Shimina, Lilia, and Entinice in a quest to locate the Great Guardian. Only with the power of the Great Guardian can they hope to thwart the Barons of Hell and stop their plans for the world.

What if the worlds greatest assassin suddenly decided to protect the last person he was suppose to kill?

This is a self published set of two books that I wrote several years ago. They are not perfect but they are a fun read.

Written for Teens and Adults, The Assassins Code is a action packed book full of sword play and evil creatures trying to destroy the world. Nyt is the only human with the skill and strength to stand in their way yet he is bound to a small blind girl. Will he be able to unravel the mystery that she holds or will he perish also?

Find out in this two part series that is only going to be available online.

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The Assassins Code

The Assassins Choice