Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy reading the books I have written over the past few years. I love Fantasy and Science Fiction books. Some of my favorite author include RA Salvatore, L E Modesitt, and of course JR Tolkien. I grew up in central Minnesota and went to college in Florida at Pensacola Christian College.

Current Projects

I am working on finishing The Prodigal Son Series

Also I have started 3 different stories.

Rise of the Maulers- Is a post apocalyptic story following a brother and sister trying to find their way in a world decimated after a world war that pits man against Nano-machines.

Facing Fenrir - A grand fantasy set mainly in England and Ireland. Following in the foot steps of her long lost father a young woman finds more then she bargained for when visiting her estranged aunt and uncle. Secret Organizations and great evil all leading back to King Author and Morgana.

Ring of Fire - Aliens are here and they are trapped. Four aliens crashed on earth over five hundred years ago. Now one of them has a plan to set off the super volcano under Yellowstone National Park in order to terraform the earth more to his liking.