The Map Maker's Sister

Jane finds herself in a race to save Jacob's life after he is poisoned by an Adherent dart. Will she succeed and be re-united with her long lost sister along the way?

The Map Maker

Another hot summer in Minnesota and for Jane Timbrill it means journeying north to Duluth to visit her grandparents. This time however she finds herself drawn into the greatest adventure she has ever known.

Author Matthew J Krengel

The Map Maker's Quest

Something valuable is hidden in Duluth Minnesota and the evil Adherents will stop at nothing to find it. Now it falls to Jane and Jacob to stop their evil plans.

Hello Folks - Well the New book is out and can be ordered at any local bookstore.

​I have added information about two other series that I have been working on. Now that the covers are completed for The Elemental War series I will be loading it on Amazon within a month.

​The Assassins Code and Assassins Choice are loaded for ordering.

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The Map Maker's Choice

The fourth and final volume in The Map Maker Series is here. Tasker the dwarf has been kidnapped and something sinister is once again afoot in Northern Minnesota.